Collision Theory — Glass Canyon Ensemble (Released Feb 2022)

2 min readJan 25, 2022


Preview of Glass Canyon Ensemble’s NEW ALBUM Collision Theory, releasing soon on the Chicago label Amalgam. Collision Mandala video created by Daniel Chamberlin for the piece EeOhLay composed by Rob Frye.

Glass Canyon Ensemble
Collision Theory

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Rob Frye — compositions, woodwinds
Satya — compositions, voice, words
Nick Alvarez — drums, percussion
Max Beckman — bass
Oli Harris — cello
Ben Lamar Gay — flugelhorn

Daniel Chamberlin — Collision Mandala videos

Alex Inglizian — recording engineer
Bill Harris — mastering engineer

EeOhLay — This piece is a tribute to a couple of familiar kinds of Thrushes seen migrating and breeding in the Chicago region every year. The photo of a window-strike Hermit Thrush was taken by Rob Frye while monitoring with Chicago Bird Collision Monitors in 2021, and manipulated by Daniel Chamberlin (Dead Bird Blues, 2019) into a Collision Mandala.

Melodic phrases transcribed from Wood Thrush song were recomposed by Rob for Glass Canyon Ensemble. A slowed-down recording of an individual at Buffalo Rock State Park in Illinois is heard, revealing the shape, modulation, and repetition of one of Eastern North America’s most beautiful yet declining songs.

Thanks to Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, Experimental Sound Studio, MoSI and The Institute for Bird Populations.

All of the proceeds from Collision Theory will be donated to CBCM, Chicago Bird Collision Monitors and MoSI, the Monitoreo Sobrevivencia Invernal, a collaborative international network of monitoring stations in the Northern neotropics.

This project was partially funded by a grant from Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Individual Artist Program.

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