Selected Works Contemplating Urban Psychogeography

desirepath (2021)

Splinter in My House Shoe // Munich/Huddersfield (2020)

Memories of an Unnamed Hill // giallo (2020)

“Imagine living in one of the densest, most populous megalopolises in the world but having access to substantial wilderness, even one’s own personal hill across from the residential high-rise, in parallel with compositions of curated flora, tended to with attention.”

Urban Microclimates // ZKU, Berlin (2017)

Caring is A Radical Act // Munich (2020)

Medium: clay, glass

Raat // Bombay (2009)

Claiming urban space as a solitary woman walking at night in Bombay.


WalkAlone, Blank Noise Project // Bombay, Bangalore, Berlin (2016)

Press — Women walk alone to reclaim India’s streets from fear and harassment (The Guardian)


FASSY // Berlin (2017)

Who decides who gets to be where in the city? Who decides?

Islands of Memory (Bombay/Mumbai) // Elsewhere Journal (2015)



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