▪️Splinter in My House Shoe—4WCoP (Video Essay)

▪️Memories of an Unnamed Hill—giallo (Text)

▪️Urban Microclimates—ZKU (Workshop)

▪️Caring is a Radical Act (Street Art)

▪️Raat (Night)—Original Tune (Music/Video)

▪️#WalkAlone—Blank Noise Project (Praxis)

▪️FASSY walks and sounds (Text/Sound)

▪️Islands of Memory (Bombay/Mumbai)—Elsewhere Journal (Text)

Splinter in My House Shoe // Munich/Huddersfield (2020)

walking my usual solitary desire paths in…

In the heart of the city lay the yearning for a peak in a young nation dreaming of a radiant future of technological leaps. So the nation endeavored to gather together some of its best minds into a verdant enclosed scientific research community within the already hyper-urban confines of Bombay…

You say it sounds like a violin
Because you wrote AI to make it sound like a violin.
But it isn’t a violin.
It doesn’t even sound like a violin.
But you decided it sounds like a violin.
Because you got public funding to make it sound like a violin.
And corporations are counting on you…


When I last saw you is when I came alive, is where I come from. It was grey granite and marble there in large cuts solid and square, façades of red clinker sable brown tile; terra-cotta sienna stucco classical balconies; composition. Tall windows grey blue painted clean-mannered iron grills on…

Manifesto of the Appearance: How to create scenes to mesmerise a billion people

The key to the success of the Appearance is how quickly we forget.

Virtual Reality
The world is maya. You must not fall for it. The appearance will show you how not to. Step inside.

The appearance is constructed out of naked ambition. The appearance is constructed, it is a…


“the truth which conceals that there is none”

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